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Hire an experienced South African ghost blogger – discreet and anonymous, sensibly priced blog writing services. Or you may wish to choose from a range of optional/additional freelance writing services upon request.

Ghost blogging services

blog writer ghost blogger ghostwriter ghost writer freelance writer 3-minWhat do you expect from your ghost blogger? Most people would say “quality, affordability, and good turnaround times”. However, when it comes to choosing a blog writer, “quality” can be a bit more complex than mere factual and grammatical correctness. Besides engaging the audience, the content should also portray an understanding of the needs and expectations of the person reading it.

As such, grasp of context is crucial, along with (at least) a basic understanding of who your target audience is. A good blog post should read like a convincing one on one conversation, leading the reader to take the desired action at the end (signing up to your mailing list, buying a product, or contacting you to use your services).

Of course, hiring a ghost blogger who can do that isn’t that difficult. However, getting one that is affordable might be – depending on your expectations. Yes, you can get someone from the East for a dollar per 500 words. You may also find that he or she lacks the frame of reference and/or capacity to grasp your content context. Or you can end up paying $50 and more per piece, with some blog writers asking as much as 50c (U.S.)per word.

It also helps if your ghost blogger has (at least) a basic understanding of SEO and keywords. Yes, Google is a bit of a mess, but with a little tweaking it is possible to get some traffic from them.

Lastly, it helps to have all of this at an affordable price. As a South African resident, the weak local currency allows me to keep prices low and still be able to make a reasonable living.

ebook writing services

Ebooks are a great way to not only make money, but also to establish your credibility and brand yourself or your company, regardless of which industry you work in. A short ebook of a few thousand words, answering the most common questions from your clients/customers, can go a long way in putting prospective customers and/or clients at ease. If the ebook contains useful information, it will be passed on from one person to the next, allowing you to reach people who would otherwise never know about your business. Orders for ebook ghostwriting projects from 3,000 words up to 50,000 words are welcome.

Other writing services

While ghost blogging and ebook ghostwriting are my preferred/main activities, my experience enables me to offer a wide range of writing services – if you need anything else besides (or in addition to) ghost blogging services, you may want to read the Services page.

Writing samples

As a ghost blogger, I usually write anonymously – so I don’t have a portfolio of published works. However, here is a page containing some samples so you can see what I am capable of:

Click here for some samples, or visit my self improvement blog

How did I end up being a ghost blogger and freelance writer?

It’s a long story – a bit too much to insert here. You may want to read the About Me page.

Writing rates

While many larger companies are often willing to pay a lot more for blog writing than my current rates, the reality is that it can quickly become expensive if you spend too much per blog post – especially if you do a couple of posts per week. Personally, I prefer sustainability over a high profit margin.

My basic rates for blog writing starts from a mere 2c (U.S.) per word. More detailed information can be found on the Pricing page.


As a ghost blogger, I usually write, and someone else takes the credit. Officially, I don’t exist. Yes, I can claim to have written specific projects for specific clients – but there are 2 small challenges:

1. If I write something for you, would you be happy if I told someone else that I wrote the content published with your name on it?

2. If I did tell someone else, would you confirm it, or deny it? For most people, their blogs are a means of establishing their credibility online. Admitting to using an anonymous blog writer would tarnish their reputations.

However, on my Happy Customers page you can see two people who made use of my writing services, plus screenshots of my profile and ratings when I was still writing for

In conclusion

At the end of the day, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. I can have the most wonderful track record, but unless I can deliver what YOU require from me, it’s all just academic.

So if you are in doubt – try me. One blog post.

Let’s see if I have what it takes to be YOUR ghost blogger.

Click here to contact me – and let’s see where it leads.

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